Tuesday, July 26, 2022

1017. Carpe Diem - Rajagiri 2004-2006 batch meet after 16 years

June 2004 - A bunch of 160 students ( 120 in MBA and 40 in MHRM) gathered in the Rajagiri valley to pursue their post graduation in business. The next two years were a roller coaster ride. The rural camp in the first semester helped them bond together and taught them the basics of management. 

The professors facilitated their course and they all learned to be professional presenters. The summer projects, dissertations and Vanavasam made them to transition easily into the corporate world. Out of this 160 students ten of them became couples. They did find their life partners too. 

The memories they had in the valley include spending time in canopy, writing their exams in Chavara hall (which they called Club Chavara, because thats where the DJ party and all other entertainments also happened). 

The fish pond, the ducks, the grounds and the boat rides added beauty to their memories. The soda sharbath from Ikka’s shop and the bread omelette from KRL are still in their taste buds.

After 18 years of stepping foot inside the Rajagiri valley, this bunch of students decided to venture walk down memory lane again and after a month long preparation people from all around the globe started flocking back and on 23rd July 2022, this bunch of management professionals met again in Rajagiri. 

They indeed relived their college memories by dancing to the same song that they danced during their rural camp. Here is a video of our practice session

Most of them are holding high positions in their professional career; but when they met, they all became college students again. 

“It was memorable to see Shirley Luiz mam again. She was 61 years old when we studied and now she is 79, but she is still the same old mam” - Shanas

“I learnt three Ds from Rajagiri which I still apply in my life” - Joseph Pius Alapatt

Here is a video of the actual dance 

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