Saturday, November 06, 2021

1007. My work table at home

A good work desk will play a big part in #workproductivity. In the last two years, I was shifting between three places at regular intervals and I did not have a proper permanent workspace. But recently I was able to set my work table in my house. A lot of effort did go in putting this workspace together. Here is a list of what makes my perfect work setup.

1) Transteel Study desk. I always like the 4x2 feet tables. It gives me enough space for my hand to rest while I work []

2) The Macbook Pro, Magic keyboard and Magic mouse ( Zoho's work companions)

3) Tukzer long mousepad []

4) JBL Go2 speakers - I always use an external bluetooth speaker for better performance. []

5) Lenovo 300 FHD external webcam with wide view - Try an external webcam for your meetings and feel the difference. I use it even for Whatsapp video calls. This webcam is a great partner for meetings that are conducted through Zoho Cliq []

6) BenQ external monitors - I am a big fan of external monitors. There are many other better monitors too. But as i do not design much and spend a lot of time in typing content, this monitor perfectly fits my need []

7) Succulents in mud pots - coloured by me and helped by my 10 year old daughter and my 2 year old son. One of these pots has Zoho's logo painted on it. I will write a post about the story behind these three pots

8) Six toy cars from my son's toy box. Already my son has taken 4 of them. Soon they will disappear from the table. I will have to replace it with a Rubik's cube.

Share your workspace in the comments section and if you have any work enhancement items on your desk, do share them too


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