Tuesday, December 01, 2020

1000. How did I become a performance artist

After many years of loitering around in the blogging space, I have finally reached my 1000th post in this blog. There was a time I blogged every day. Now my interests have become so diverse that I don't even do one thing properly. 

The first thing I did before writing this 1000th post is change the template for this page. I am still old school. Hence preserved the right column layout with archives. I think I can take the liberty to do some self dabba in this post. 

I blogged very less this year. But this post should do the perfect balancing act. When I started this blog in the early 2000s, little did I know that I' be surviving in the blogging scene for close to two decades.  From geocities to livejournal and finally to blogger, the journey has been pretty straight forward. The only purpose I had was to put a smile on people's faces and that's how this page was born. Some posts would have done the trick. Some posts would be soora mokkai ones. 

I never dreamt that i would become a performance artist. Back during college days, I have been in the college band and in the dance team. But never did I think that I would start donning this hat on a regular basis and that too after a long gap. It all started in the summer of 2019 when I wrote a song called Uppuma. To my surprise, it became viral on whatsapp. It was a simple video that was taken in a phone. But the manner in which it started doing rounds, I started getting ideas of becoming a performing artist.

Soon I got invites to perform in places just because of that one song. To do justice to my humour song writing skills, I went on to write some more humour songs and started performing them in my live shows. The same Uppuma song soon became a regular at my shows. This video is from one such live show. The manner in which the live audience encouraged me, egged me to write more songs.

The song "Renu oh Renu" is a crowd favorite and little did I know that a character that I created for my blog would eventually turn into a song that loved. The weird nice thing about this song is that I would pull a random stranger from the audience and make them sit next to me and I'd be singing the song for them. Neither me nor them would have an idea on how the song would turn out to be. So far it has left smiles on people's faces.

Pray for Nesamani was yet another song that kinda capitalised on a meme that became popular in 2019. In just a few months, I formed a duo band with Anusha and we were doing gigs regularly. We called ourselves Rendu Peru. We soon ventured into writing our own songs. The only difference here is that the songs were not the usual humour based songs. The philosophical angle was explored for our performances.

And there is this quartet called Fisher Four where we sing four part harmony. This is a tight quartet and we love what we do. If you like four part gospel harmony, look no further. just subscribe to this channel [link]

And my primary YouTube channel "Chronicwriter" just reached 5000 subscribers. You can subscribe to the channel and share your love too. Search for "Chronicwriter" on YouTube. Some of the videos I shared in this blog are from this channel.

So, in the recent past, I unwind mainly through song writing, humour performances, gigs, four part harmony and many YouTube uploads. My insta page is kinda active too. At 38, I have been learning a lot on Insta promotions from teenagers. 

The reason I am posting about this is just to tell you that it is never too late to start something that you are passionate about. If we work towards it and if we work hard, we can crack it. It is as simple as that. I never thought that I would eventually end up as a performance artist.

My daughter Anya has grown big and my son Adam has turned one. Life revolves around them. My lovely wife Joan takes a lot of burden on her shoulders and that gives me lot of time to explore my creative side. I asked a few of my blogging friends on what to write for this blog post. Almost all of them asked me to write on how to write consistently.  The plain answer to this is "Just start typing". If you are for ever in the thinking mode, you wouldn't be able to execute things. Get out of that couch, start putting things into action. That is the only way to stay fit, stay active and stay happy. There is no substitute for hardwork.

- Chronicwriter


  1. Congratulations and wishes for another 1000 posts.


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