Sunday, January 26, 2020

996. How to have the perfect beard look

If you are a Dhaadi vecha KD who like to experiment with the beard, the Abraham Lincoln Dhaadi is the right getup for you. It just takes 10 minutes to get an Abraham Lincoln face.

You would need 

1) A face with a beard. If you don't have beard, try Ervamatin on your cheeks for one whole month. When I say cheeks, I mean the cheeks on your face.

2) Shaving foam / Shaving cream ;  Shaving brush / Tooth Brush / Toilet brush - depending on the type of dhaadi you have

3) A shaving blade ( Can be a single blade/ twin blade/ triple blade/ four blade too. 

4) Harpic ( I will tell the usage later)

5) After shave lotion 


1) Wash your face with water. Apply shaving foam on your face. 

2) Mallaakka paduthufy on the floor and vittatha paarthufy by placing both legs on the door. Make sure that the door is latched properly.

3) After 5 minutes, get up and go and stand in front of the mirror. You have to face the mirror and when you look at the mirror you should be able to see your face.

4) Now take the shaving blade in your left hand and put kolam on your face. Even if you are a right hander, you should only use the left hand. That is the trick of this special dhaadi.

5) Now smile a little. To differentiate yourself from Abraham Lincoln, you should show your teeth.

6) If you have not brushed your teeth, your pallu will be in manjal colour. This is where you should gargle  with harpic. If you don't have Harpic in your house, you can call Abbas. He has a big stock of Harpic bottles in his house.

7) Apply After shave lotion on your chest.

You can also morachu paarthufy and give a terror look like the one in the picture below. In such a scenario, you will have slight resemblance to Osama Bin Laden.

The final output will be like this

With such a look, you can even give an autograph Cheran look by giving a sogamaana effect.


Model : Chriz #SelfThoo
Camera : Nokia 2 MP camera
Editing : Print Screen + Cropping in Powerpoint + Save as picture
Editor : Chriz
Camera Men : Padhinoru per adangiya oru Kuzhu.

Note : In the beginning I said, it just takes 10 minutes to get this get up. If it takes more than 10 minutes, you have to reduce the mallaka paduthufying moment.

- Chronicwriter