Wednesday, July 17, 2019

994.IGLOO | 2019 Zee5 Movie review

I don't write movie reviews in my page. This is supposed to be a humour page. But sometimes I break free from the humor tag when I feel the need to write a review like this. The movie Igloo has made me take this detour. Watch this 2 minute trailer before reading my views on this flick

The movie opens in a hill station where Shiva (Amzath Khan) a single parent lives with his twin daughters, Aishu and Vaishu. When Vaishu meets with an accident and slips into coma, he talks to her about his emotional journey with his wife, Ramya (Anju Kurien) who battled for her life during her pregnancy. 

Who should watch this movie?

If you love your better-half watch this movie. If you hate your better-half you should definitely watch this movie.

Why should we watch this movie?

This movie showcases the importance of life in a poignant manner. Keep tissue rolls ready while watching.

Okay! A little bit about the storytelling

Music thaarumaaru. Arrol corelli is one name you will be hearing often from now on. Story telling is detailed. So do not watch this movie in multitasking mode. You need to spend time to get into the movie. The detailing is pretty good. 

The Hero Amzath has excelled in his role as a husband and as a father. He would surely be responsible for you saying "Who is cutting onions now" at least on three instances in this movie. 

Those who have lost a loved one to terminal illness might relive some of their deepest agony moments. The kids Vaishu and Aishu are cute. Bugs (Bagavathi Perumal) has a small role to play in this movie as Amzath's friend. Anju Kurien has done a decent job. Bharath Mohan, the movie director has chiseled an emotional kaaviyam in a neat manner. 

Movie lovers who watch films in theatres might miss this movie as it is streaming on Zee5. But you can still watch it.

How to watch this movie?

You can watch this movie in Zee5 App. It is as cheap as Rs 49 for one month viewing.


Sunday, July 14, 2019

993. A love triangle incident from my life

She was crying bitterly. She was surrounded by three guys who were cursing her, mocking her, pulling her hair and  laughing at her. Well, I was angry because she was the love of my life and I could not bear to see Renu crying. 

She was not in love with me and she had already rejected my proposal three times in the past 15 minutes. But that did not make me hate her at all. We were just 8 years old then studying in third standard. I was under the impression that Shabir was in love with her. He was my classmate too. So I decided to knock him off the equation. Yes my brain plotted an evil plan.

I used my pocket money ( Rs 6) to hire three henchmen ( The 5th standard last bench rowdies) to warn Shabir not to come between me and Renu. But those last bench rowdies had other ideas.

Instead of threatening Shabir, they decided to eve tease Renu. One of those guys (Rahul) skewed his lips and blew air when Renu walked past him. In fact he tried to whistle at her. But as he did not know how to whistle, only air came out of his stinky mouth. Renu noticed this and giggled at him. 

He was infuriated and he along with his two allakai friends cornered my love and cursed her in the choicest of bad words. Tears welled up in her eyes and they did not show any mercy. Rahul had the audacity to pull her hair and there was no one to save her. This is when I decided to move in and stop them from crossing their line.


That was me in my shrill high pitched tone. They paused for a second, looked at me and continued to tease her with more cuss words. I could not tolerate it anymore. I clenched my fists and flexed my gooseberry muscles. Renu looked at me realizing that her savior has finally arrived to free her from the wolves. 

One allakai walked towards my direction and pulled my trousers down. I was standing there in my red underwear. Everyone saw the Mickeymouse picture printed strategically on the underwear. That was the worst moment of my life until that moment. Now Renu had company. Yes, I was crying too. That allakai was about to slap me when Shabir jumped into the scene like Jackie Chan and kicked all the other three fellows.

Within seconds Shabir had become the hero. He asked me to wear my trousers. And then he walked up to Renu, wiped her tears and told in a husky voice " Do not worry. I will be there for you always". Her tears disappeared and she responded to his words with a sweet smile.

Things did not end there. Rahul got up from the ground and screamed "HEY CHRIZ! SORRY BRO! WE COULD NOT BEAT HIM LIKE WE PROMISED YOU". My heart started beating faster. Renu gave me a look of disdain and asked Rahul " So what you guys did was a drama?"

"Yes! Chriz paid us Rs 6 to do this"

Renu turned towards me and with a kaaar thooo sound said "Chriz! I never knew you would be so cheap" and she gave me a wicked sornakka look, turned and walked away holding Shabir's hands. After taking a few steps, Shabir whispered something into her ears and she giggled at his joke. I had no clue what he told her. 

He then asked her to stand there and walked towards me. When he was near me, he said "Chriz Rs 10 is always bigger than Rs 6." With that he and Rahul winked at each other. And Shabir ran back to Renu. I sat on the ground and continued to cry.

Moral: He who digs a pit will fall into it