Sunday, February 17, 2019

987. Rajinikanth's Political entry

Rajini's political stunts has made him look like a joker these days. Every big actor who tried to enter politics have always been seen as jokers. Jayalalitha and MGR have been the exceptional cases in this matter.

Sivaji Ganesan who stands tall as one of the finest actors Tamil cinema has produced, was a total failure when he attempted to make his entry into politics. Other people who have flopped big time with their political avatar are Karunas, Ramarajan, Vijayakanth. All these three have won their seats in elections; but all three have been at the receiving end of becoming central figures in memes.

Rajini's political entry reminds me of his car Lakshmi that would not start when he makes a wrong decision in the movie Padikathavan. Apparently that car is having starting problems even now. Hope he learns his lesson and concentrates only on movies,

One man who has done the exact opposite is Nanjil Sampath. This man who is known for his Tamil skills was almost treated as a comedian and has been at the receiving end of many memes in the past. His famous dialogue "Amma varuvaanganu kaathutu irukurom" was the best dialogue of that year and it shattered all meme records. He has now plunged from the political field into the movie industry. He will definitely make it big in the movie industry.

As I touched a little bit of Sivaji in this post, I am just wondering how would it be, if Sivaji had lived today as an actor. He would definitely have been at the receiving end and would have been the poster boy for meme-creators. His over acting would surely have been the talk of the town. 

Check this video here where two of his over acting skills are evident

Scene 1: His over acting after knowing that his wife had died
Scene 2: His bravery of killing his son after being shot in his heart

I was supposed to write about Rajini and his involvement in Politics. But I ended up writing about Sivaji Ganesan. This is what would happen if Rajini enters politics


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  1. Aaarrrgghhh! I can’t take it! The Lakshmi clip would have been at least tolerable. Readers ah torture pannuradhukku oru limit illaiyaa?!


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