Friday, January 04, 2019

985. The wall climbers

A 6 year old little girl and an 8 month old baby was seen sitting on a wall and having a good time. This is no ordinary wall. This wall has a legacy behind it. If you are wondering how come an 8 month old baby is sitting in the wall, you should realise that kids these days can do anything.

This wall has seen it all. This wall compounds the backyard of our house in my native town. Beyond the wall is nothing but fruit bearing trees. I spent my childhood among these trees. There was a cashewnut tree  near that coconut tree in the background. That was cut 20 years ago. I remember climbing the tree, plucking fruits, removing the nuts & eating the fruits and finally burning the nuts in coconut shells to get the cashew nuts.

Then there was this mango tree there. We also had two mango trees at our house. But I always used to climb that tree for the mangoes because stolen mangoes taste better.

When my mom used to chase me with a stick, I would climb this wall and disappear into the woods only to return after a few hours. But she had the knack of getting angry and thrashing me even after a few hours.

Finally that is a picture of me holding 8 month old Neya ( My niece) with my daughter Anya standing close and listening to my childhood stories with a smile on her face. The Jackfruit tree was a recent addition. But these jackfruits taste yummy.

- Chronicwriter

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