Friday, November 30, 2018

982. Why do Kangaroos have pouches?

My daughter Anya has learnt this new word "Couch Potato" and she is always excited to use this word. This was a conversation between Joan and Anya.

Joan: What is a couch potato?

Anya: You should ask "Who" and not "What"

Joan: Okay! Who is a couch potato?

Anya: A couch potato is a lazy person who always sleeps in a couch

Joan: Can you name an example?

Anya: Appa is a couch potato

Joan: Why do you say so?

Anya: Because he lies down in the couch and does not give space to anyone

Joan: You can ask him to give you space

Anya: No! He is lazy and he either sleeps or watches TV by lying down on the couch

Joan: Okay! Now eat your dinner

Anya: Was Appa always a couch potato?

Joan: You should ask him that

Anya: Okay. I will ask him now

I was listening to this whole conversation from the drawing room and as I knew that Anya would come to me to ask a few questions, I had already gotten up from my usual slouching position on the couch. When Anya came to the drawing room, I was sitting upright.

Anya: Appa! Why are you sitting here?

Me: Should not I sit here?

Anya: No! You usually lie down. But now you are sitting

Me: I am sitting because I am brisk and I am smart

Anya: No you are a couch potato

Me: Why do you say that?

Anya: Because you are lazy

Me: From now on call me Smart

Anya: No! You are a couch potato only. Do you have a pouch?

Me: What?

Anya: Kangaroos have pouches to carry their kids

Me: So

Anya: They have pouches because they are couch potatoes

Me: Now who taught you this?

Anya: I learnt it myself by thinking

Me: Even If I have a pouch I am not going to carry you in that pouch because you called me a couch potato

Anya came near me and touched my tummy and said " But Appa, you have a thoppai". Now I am planning to enroll myself in a gym near my place. I decided to get a six pack in 2015. And that new year resolution was never kept. Now as 2019 is drawing near, I am adding this as number one priority in my to do list. I am not going to have any pouches anymore.


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