Tuesday, November 20, 2018

981. A tribute to Jim Reeves

Jim Reeves! His voice would resonate in our house every morning when I was a kid. My mother introduced his songs to me and I remember singing along with the casette player to the songs "He'll have to go, Bimbo, Across the Bridge and many more". For a long time I would confuse his voice with Tennesse Ernie Ford. 

As I had a higher vocal register, I never attempted to sing his songs. But recently after floating a quartet called Fisher Four, I started experimenting with different vocal ranges and my band mates encouraged me to try bass and baritone voices. So I started trying out some bass songs.

Recently my wife presented me with a blue yeti mic and I decided to cover the song "Welcome to my world" using the mic. Thanks to Enock annan for capturing the video using my phone and editing it too :)

A note to Jim Reeves's fans: Please forgive me. I tried my level best with my baritone voice :)


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  1. ;-) Beautifu cover, prason. Now waiting to hear your voice, crystal clear, in your usual smile and usual style...


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