Sunday, November 18, 2018

980. Anya is introduced to cricket

Anya rules the roost with the TV remote control at home. When I was a small boy, there was only one channel available on TV and that was Doordarshan. 

All of us had no other option and hence we all saw the channel all the time. No wonder I even watched the 7 PM "Vayalum Vaazhvum show".

Now, the remote control is always with Anya and she watches the cartoon channels on TV. Some cartoons are banned for her at home because I make certain rules at home. 

But I give her company and watch Masha & Bear, Dora, Peppa Pig, Andy & Pirky and Paw Patrol along with her.

Last week I asked her if she would allow me to watch cricket on TV. I love watching sports channels on TV and luckily for me, she agreed. 

So we both sat and watched the third One day International cricket match between India and West Indies. 

She got bored after sometime; but she went on scribbling some notes in her notebook.

By the time the match was over, she had also finished scribbling. This note will be a memory for both of us as it is her first match along with me. 

Her favorite cricketer is Mandhana because she likes women cricket and is not a fan of the men in blue.


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  1. Oppobravopaytm. Lol she’s adorable!


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