Thursday, November 08, 2018

978. Undertaker - My favourite wrestler

I was a big fan of WWF (Now WWE). When I was a kid, I used to ace the game Trump cards. I knew every single detail of the wrestlers. Sid Justice was my favorite wrestler for a long time. 

When Undertaker made his entrance into the WWF scene, I was shocked to realise that there could be a wrestler who could actually be stronger than Sid Justice himself. 

Slowly I moved my loyalty towards Undertaker. There was a common rumour that he had 7 lives. Though I liked him, I was actually scared of him. Undertaker would make his entrance with his manager Paul Bearer who always carried an urn.

The urn had many stories attached to it. Eventually I started having bad dreams of the urn and hence I stopped drinking water from the sombu at home. 

To know what a Sombu means, click here [ link ]

When ever I entered the kitchen, I would look for the sombu near the kitchen sink; and when I saw it, I would run out of the kitchen screaming for my dear life.

This fear accompanied me even when I was in college. I would tell my friends that I would run away during my first night after wedding if my wife carried a milk sombu.

Then many wrestlers joined the WWE and left. Though I started liking many wrestlers like the Rock, Stone Cold, The HeartBreak Kid, Goldberg; my favorite was always Undertaker.

One Wrestler whom I hated a lot was the Boogeyman. He literally ate worms. I was eating maggi noodles when I first saw him on TV. I ended up puking which made me look like him.

Note: Sombu was banned at my wedding. But now I have started using the sombu

1) Who is your favourite wrestler?
2) Who is the wrestler you hate the most?

- Chronicwriter


  1. 1) I am my fav wrestler. My game is twice or thrice a week.
    2) undertaker.

    Hehe... joke dei. Publish pannidadhe...

  2. 1. Team D-Generation X
    2. Booker T and his wife


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