Tuesday, February 13, 2018

942. My Valentine's day date with Renu (School day Romance)

I used to be a hunk when I was in high school. The girls in my class were crazy about me. They were particularly jealous of my then-girlfriend Renu.

She used to tell me that they always troubled her with sarcastic remarks. She even told that they used to scribble funny graffitis about me in the girls' restroom. I, being a 14-year-old teenager became curious and asked her what those lines were

Renu: "Chriz is a hunk" is one of those lines

Me: *Smiling to myself* Anything else? (I was expecting more praises)

Renu:  Minu even scribbled " Chriz comes in my dream every night"

Me: She looks cute

I got a punch on my face

Renu: Look! If you talk like this, I won't be your date this valentines day

Me: Sorry sweetheart! Anything else about me on the restroom wall?

Renu: Shilpa wrote "Amazing arms! That fellow Chriz has."

Me: Does she like my muscles?

Renu: I think so. How do I look?

And she started to blink her eyes.

Me: You look like a doll

Renu: Don't lie. Sandhya had scribbled "Renu is indeed lucky to have Chriz."

That made me go to cloud 9. I walked around the school campus with my head held high.Valentine's day was just around the corner and I was planning to celebrate it big time with Renu.

On 13th February 1996, Renu came running to me and said that the girls had written something bad about me in the girls’ toilet. After much pestering, she told me what they had written about me.

“Chriz wets his bed in his sleep”. 

I did not take it seriously because I had gone through insults that were worse than this. I carried on with my studies like a perfect gentleman that day.

The very next day, the school management dragged me out of the class for interrogation. I was told that they found something scribbled on the walls of the girls' toilet that read,

“No! I do not wet my bed in my sleep”.

Now, do you guys doubt me too?

Note: Renu did not celebrate Valentine's day with me that year as I spent my time kneeling down outside the Principal's office.


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