Thursday, February 08, 2018

940. Different ways to get pregnant

When I was in class 2, my classmate Arun told me that if a boy shook hands with a girl, she would become pregnant. I was so scared to shake hands with any girl in my class as I was not ready to father a child at such a tender age.

When I was in class 3, I discovered that a baby needs to be inside the mother’s tummy for a default period of nine to ten months. The discovery made a big impact in my liking towards biology at a later stage in my life.

I would rate this discovery as the discovery that revolutionized me. My discovery was disproved by my aunt’s son who did not have the patience to stay inside her tummy for more than 6 months.

They call him a premature baby. But I have doubts if she was already pregnant when she got married. But I am not gonna dig into the details.

But back then, when I was in that confused state, my girlfriend Renu took advantage of the situation and shook hands with me. I was so petrified for the next ten months that I would often check Renu’s tummy for any bulging effects. 

After ten months, her tummy did not bulge. I gave her two months grace period too and when she did not deliver a baby even after one whole year, I was convinced that shaking hands doesn’t help in the baby making process. 

One fateful day when I was just nine years old, my teacher Anu started throwing up when she was taking classes. When she was throwing up, one of her co-teachers came to lend her a helping hand. Later we were told that she was pregnant.

So I came to the conclusion that vomiting results in baby birth. But a few days later when I became Ill, I started to throw up too and I had a doubt that I might be pregnant.

It was a great mystery then. It was the most confusing topic for me.

But then when I was in class 8, we had this sex education classes in school and I enlightened myself with all the necessary information with my never-ending questions which often resulted in the teacher blushing in front of us.

- Chronicwriter


  1. Ha HA HA. All of us have these 'how to get pregnant' stories. Mine: Till about B. A. I had assumed that kissing makes you pregnant. Did not have any sex-ed class, you see.


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