Monday, February 05, 2018

938. A visit to Gell Memorial School Ooty where my mom studied

How does it feel to go back to your school after 50 years? When my sister came down to India in 2016, my mom decided to take us all to the place where she studied. Mom studied at Gell Memorial School in Ooty. So off we went to the school as a family. A proud grandmother with her three grandchildren walked into the school premises. In the above picture clicked by me, my mom had already overtaken all of us, scampering her way into the Principal's office.

I was worried in particular because the classes were going on and I was hoping that we should not be kicked out. We all followed her to the Principal's room and there she was sitting and talking with the Principal. The Principal gave too much of respect to my mom because of her age. If I go back to my school or college, I would be literally kicked out for the kind of behaviour I exhibited in my youth. 

A row of photos adorned the pink wall in the Principal's room. My mom proudly pointed at the two foreign ladies in the photos and said "That is Miss Mallalieu and Miss Kitchen. They are our God Mothers". In Mainline Christian denominations " God Parents" take care of the spiritual well being of children. My mom went into an Autograph Cheran mode.

Then we came out and my mom wanted me to click a picture right in front of the school assembly stage. Apparently, that is the exact place she used to stand and lead the school prayer it seems with her songs. She went on and on with her school day stories.

We were bored. But my mom was reminiscing her childhood days and we just wanted her to have fun. One day, I will take Anya to my school and show her around and she will write about it in her blog.



  1. Nice story anna
    BTW Did you mean - One day you will take Anya's kid to your school and Anya will write in her blog?

  2. "I would be literally kicked out for the kind of behaviour I exhibited in my youth" - Neenga innum youth thaane? Sincere koshin!

  3. I'm so thrilled to view the pics of my school... especially the pics of my mentors...


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