Friday, February 02, 2018

936. How I stopped wetting my bed

My Sister and me

Today my friend's 10-year-old son posted a status message on Facebook stating that he was heartbroken because his girlfriend ditched him. 

At his age, I was still wetting my bed. My mom would ask me to carry the mattress to the rooftop and leave it there in the sunlight for it to dry. 

My neighbors would see me dragging the bed up the stairs and they would say " Hey Chriz, That is 100 days in a row".

My parents tried many ways to stop me from bed wetting. They stopped giving me water after 8 pm. But still, my bladder had the capacity to produce uric acid out of thin air. 

Then they kept alarm clock at 3 am and made me go to the loo to empty my bladder. Still, I would end up wetting my bed between 3 am and 6 am.

I would literally pray every night for strength not to wet my bed. But every night the bladder would win the battle of wits. 

One night I decided not to sleep to find the exact time the bedwetting process culminated. Around 4 am, I saw my sister walking towards me with a tumbler of water.

I acted as if I was sleeping. She poured it on my bed and went back to her bed and slept as if nothing happened.

Tears started flowing down my cheeks to realise that I had been a victim of soolchi done by my sister all these years. Out of sadness, I ended up wetting my bed that night.

The next day onwards, I told my parents that I won't sleep in my bed; but on the floor. Never ever did I wet my bed.

I am revealing this truth after many years. I hope that you all will not reveal this secret to anyone else.


(Note: Floor wetting cannot be included in bedwetting department)


  1. Ha Ha...I had a good laugh at the end...Love your sister!

  2. "the battle of wits" OR the battle of wets?


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