Tuesday, January 30, 2018

934. Manakudi Beach

Manakudi beach is situated 10 kilometres from Kanyakumari. I love this beach for many reasons. Look at the picture below. The old bridge was ravaged by the deadly tsunami in 2004. A new bridge was constructed after that. You can see both these bridges in the below picture.

The newly constructed bridge is constructed over the manakudi lake. Every time I visit my hometown, I make it a point to visit this place for the fishes, safe clean water to swim and the beautiful beach, because Kanyakumari is usually polluted and crowded. Last year, when my sister came to India, I took them to this beach.

Anya, Jeremy and Jolena are all set to hit the beach. The beach hats are out too.

Finally, we are at the beach. Even when my mom insisted on using the DSLR(in her hand), I still prefer to click pictures with my phone. The Americans are wearing sunglasses because namma ooru sun is so hot it seems. You can see the bridge and the fishing boats behind us.

The kids are ready to hit the beach. The sea behind us is the Arabian Sea. We are sitting on a small patch of land between the sea and the backwaters.

Anya is ready to swim. She has more muscles than me. Jeremy and Jolena are ready to splash too. The backwaters are just one foot deep and you can walk at least 50 meters inside. This place is safe for even little kids to play.

Anya in her dhyaanam mode. Moments before she attained Zen nilai. Nothing like the gentle water ripples kissing your feet.

Finally, we settled down for a catamaran. Fishermen had just returned from a catch. We got some good fish.

If you visit Kanyakumari, do not forget to visit this place.


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