Monday, January 22, 2018

932. The mysterious steel mug

Just woke up

Anya loves to travel by train. Recently we traveled from Tuticorin to Chennai by train. She is scared to go to the toilets on the train and she makes sure that I am there with her when she makes a loo visit. Both the Indian toilet and the western toilet will be there on most Indian trains. I usually avoid Indian toilets because they are yukky. I am not going to explain it here. At least I can close the lid in western toilet

Anya held my hand and walked into the western toilet and this is how our conversation went

Anya: Appa! What is this?

Me: That is the flush lever

Anya: Why is the toilet shaking?

Me: The toilet is on the train. And the train shakes. So the toilet also shakes

Anya: Where will all the waste go?

Me: They fall down on the tracks

Anya: So if we fall inside, will we also fall on the tracks?

Me: Yes

Anya: I am scared

Me: Don't worry. Appa is there for you

I did not tell her that I was scared too. But I guess she found out that I was scared.

Anya: Appa! What is that?

Me: That is a steel mug for cleaning purpose

Anya: Why is it tied to a chain?

Me: They don't want robbers to steal that mug

Anya: Who?

Me: The train people

Anya: But why would the robbers steal such an ugly mug?

Me: We have to ask that question to the robbers

Anya: You know one thing?

Me: What?

Anya: There is a steel mug like this in our school too

Me: I know

Anya: How do you know that Appa?

Me: I have seen it

Anya: That is a girls toilet. Boys are not allowed inside girls toilet

Me: Well. Err! I have seen it inside boys toilet

Anya: Oh okay. But boys are not allowed in girls toilet okay?

Me: Okay baby

I can actually write a whole book from the conversations that I have with Anya during our train journeys. More train journey conversations to follow



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