Tuesday, January 16, 2018

929. Sangili Bungili Open The Door

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. That is the story behind this blog post. Samyuktha, the unstoppable force who likes to call herself "Semi", is the owner of the randomest blog out there - Steady Meanderings. When she posted in the Chennai Bloggers Club that she wanted to collaborate for a blog post she ended up meeting an immovable object (That is me). 

So Semi and I started snowballing a story and we created a detective story. A story that Benedict Cumberbatch would die to portray on the big screen. We named our creation

Sangili Bungili Open The Door

Semi- The co-author of this post
Prashanth was frantically searching for his laptop.

"It was right here inside my backpack.  And now it's not. The backpack zip is open and my favourite key-chain that was fixed with the zip is missing." 

My hands instinctively reached for my Jean zip and I was relieved to know that they were all in the right place.

"Someone had definitely stolen my laptop. It definitely cannot be my mom. She already has a mac. My backpack was under the bed, and hence it cannot be the maid too because she does not even bend down to clean anything under the bed."

It cannot be my girlfriend because well I don't have one and it cannot be my boyfriend too because I am not gay.

Yen ipdi mokka potu saavadikiraenaa, technically and basically I'm an IT guy and this is all I have in my life. As I am an IT guy, I do have a photography page and all my pictures are on my laptop. And oh my Yesunadha! I just realized there are damning pictures of me trying out my nandu brand lungis. Well, I am kidding; there’s more than just my nandu brand mishaps. There is a floor plan of my office which I am going to rob day after tomorrow.

There are three other people on my team and I hate one of them. It cannot be Surya because he recruited me. Or could this be his master plan all along? It could be because we both like the same girl – “Smitha” from our team.

Trust me when I say Smitha is worth sending someone to jail. Her eyes! They make my heart beat so fast that if I let it out, it can out run Ussain Bolt and create a new world record in the 100 metre dash.

Her voice makes chinna kuyil chitra sound like kovai Sarala. So I never tell her to sing. I never tell her anything actually. But I do talk a lot with Pooja, the other girl in our team. Surya hated it whenever I talked with Pooja or Smitha.

Why did I agree with the stupid robbery plan? I thought it was a stupid joke of course till it was not and by then I had already revealed too much to Pooja. I think she hated me because I liked Smitha and maybe she was the one who flicked the laptop?

My thoughts are jumping so wildly today. I shouldn't have probably had all the free filter kaapi shots. I guess Surya drugged me with that kaapi; he was too friendly with me. I am sure Pooja and Surya are together on this.

I try to call them with my phone. Alas! My phone is also missing. I had last seen it in my back pocket. What the fruit is happening guys? 

All I have is this one Rupee coin. I have no other option but to invest this coin and become a millionaire. And for that, I need to leave this damned room. And this is when I realize that the door is locked. Not the sharpest day for the 10th topper today.

Well, I gotta pee now. My bladder is full and time is ticking too. I have used all my karate and yoga skills to control this tsunami attack. But aathratha adakkalaam. But moothratha kandippa control panna mudiyaadhu.

Let me unload eshwaraaa! I wake up in a pool of sweat from my bed and I look under the bed immediately. I can see my laptop peeping through the backpack.

-Chronicwriter and Semi.

Note: To read the same blog post from Semi's point of view, click this [link]

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