Wednesday, January 03, 2018

925. Believe Me! Baby Ma

I was jobless this afternoon. I decided to while away the time by searching for keywords on google. I put on my thinking cap to decide on the all-important keyword that will have the privilege of being searched on google. When my brain was doing all the thinking, I could hear my colleague's wife calling him an "Echa Kala" over the phone. Echa Kala is a Tamil word used to praise people. It means Spit Art. Immediately I found my keyword - "Deepa".

When I searched for Deepa, I was astonished to find that she even had a Wikipedia page dedicated to her name.

It is a shame that Deepa did not get a chance to contest from RK Nagar. She would have definitely defeated BJP at least. I also checked the wiki-blurb that appears on the search results. Two things caught my attention and stand at ease.

1) Her Education Qualification: She is a Cardiff University product. I was utterly shocked and even checked the spelling to make sure that it was not some university from the suburbs of Chengalpettu. What she studied there remains a mystery. 

2) Her Spouse: The same K Madhavan has married her twice. Once in the year 2014 and the second time in an undisclosed date to confuse time travellers. This was one of the main reasons why her nomination was rejected.

People from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madras University can return their degrees as a sign of respect for Baby Ma (That is how our people fondly call her).

I should have stopped right there. But I took the risk of clicking that Wikipedia page with an eagerness to know more about her educational qualification and also to understand about her childhood. 

I should not have done that. But they say champions are made of iron and steel and I being a champion material, could not back down from the bait that was dangling in front of me

The content that I read gave me dysentery. She was an editor in the New Indian Express it seems. My respect for that newspaper vanished into thin air in just one second. All my journalist friends who are working in Indian express are requested to immediately hide their current work location in LinkedIn.

Deepa has also completed MA in International Journalism from Cardiff University in Wales. (Enna da idhu Cardiff Universitykku vandha sodhanai?). Though I almost started reading everything with a sarcastic tone, the last paragraph in that page literally broke my heart. That was the respect-sprouting moment in my heart for Deepa.

She has literally fought a battle with her brother and Sasikala's members (according to Wikipedia) singlehandedly and was victorious. This will go down in history books as the Battle of Poes Garden. 

Note: While I was typing this post, someone made some edits in her Wikipedia page by adding an MBA degree to her husband's name. I think, he just graduated from Cambridge University. 

- Chronicwriter

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