Tuesday, October 31, 2017

914. The puppy shame man

When Hemu touches something it turns into a piece of art. I have always wondered how she finds time to do all that she does. She dances, sings, paints and does somersaults too. If you want to get your butt kicked, you can try to pick up a fight with her.

When I am down and lazy, I always go to her blog for inspiration. This is a picture drawn by her. I don't understand what this is. I thought that this was a man sitting in puppy shame posture. I am glad that he is just showing his back.

When I looked at this picture for sometime, I was inspired and the inspiration started flowing from every pore of my body. The poser, painter and photographer inside me woke up and all of them immediately wanted to showcase their talent. I allowed the poser and the painter to showcase their talent; but asked the photographer to go back to sleep. [Where would I go for a Mark 3? He is a high maintenance fellow]

First the poser

I did not want to pose without clothes. Not because I have any maanam, soodu or soranai. But because I was lazy to shed my clothes. The only difference from Hemu's painting and the poser picture is that you can also see my right hand.

Secondly- the painter

I searched for the painting brush and the water color box. My daughter Anya did not allow me to touch her water color kit. All I could get was a ball point pen and a rough note book. That did not block me from showing my painting (read drawing) skills. As(s) the "W" that I drew was more glamorous than the "w" that Hemu had painted, I decided to add a censorship certificate too

My friend just pinged me and told that the character in the painting is not a guy. Adhu ponnaa?

Follow Hemu's art world to see many more of her artistic wonders.

- Chronicwriter

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