Monday, October 23, 2017

912. Old man on the sidewalk

Old man on the sidewalk, Who art thou?
You look frail and sad and do not even have a pillow to rest your head

Old man on the sidewalk, What is your bank balance?
A dirty pink towel, a plastic bag with two papers and a shirt and a pair of slippers

Old man on the sidewalk, Where is your house?
It is drizzling now and you might catch a cold

Old man on the sidewalk, Do you have a family?
A place you can call home, where there is fun and laughter

Old man on the sidewalk, Do you dream?
Of having a bed for yourself and someone to take care of yourself

Old man on the sidewalk, Why are you here?
Is not there an old age home where you can at-least find some rest

Old man on the sidewalk, Do you have a story?
About your childhood, teenage, youth life and your adulthood

Old man on the sidewalk, Who art thou?
The night is gonna end and you will keep on moving

Dedicated to all the homeless people around the globe. They do have dreams too; but may not have a roof over their head. I do not know what happened to the man in the picture; this might be just a picture which I got from the internet. May be the old man has a home now or may be he is still in some side walk. When you see someone like them, please do help them according to your capacity.


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  1. I am scared,
    Scared that someday,
    I will die,
    In the near future,
    An unmarked and unknown corpse,
    That no one will,
    Ever be able to identify.

    I have nightmares,
    That replay this same tale,
    My mother struggling,
    To find my body,
    Among a pile of corpses,
    In the morgue.

    I am scared to think,
    Of the consequences,
    That would arise,
    If this nightmare,
    Were by some,
    Weird twist of fate,
    To come true :(


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