Wednesday, October 11, 2017

910. The girl in the green half-saree

I was pursuing my third year of B.E. I literally lost any sort of contact with Renu and my love life was almost dead and buried. That is when I saw her. She used to wait at the bus stop every morning to board her bus to college.

The bus stop was right opposite to the house where I stayed. We were 7 guys staying together in the house. None of us had the habit of getting up early. But her presence at the bus stop every morning at 7 changed our lifestyle. All of us started to wake up as early as 5 am, brush our teeth, take bath and present ourselves in the best clothes just to get her attention.

Sometimes she would look in our direction and all 7 of us would assume that she looked at us. She would immediately turn her face and act as if we never existed. But the days when she gave us her 2 to 3 second glance, we would go to cloud nine. All 7 of us would argue with each other claiming that she did not see the other 6.

After one month of just looking at her from a distance, we decided to take it to the next level. The 4 of us would stand at the entrance of our house; Selva would walk up to the bus stop and stand behind her; Edwin would stand to her right and Satheesh would stand to her left. She would have no other option but look at atleast in one direction. She started looking in our direction. So we knew that Selva, Satheesh and Edwin were out of the race. These 3 guys soon understood that she was not interested in them and withdrew themselves from the competition.

That left me, Paul, Suresh and Vijay in the race. We did not know her name and none of us had the guts to make a move to approach her to ask her name. Those days, none of us had a mobile phone. So phone conversations were restricted to the landlines we had in our homes. As we were 7 bachelors staying together in a rented house, we used our neigbour's phone to make calls.

The next day I took my guitar and occupied the position near the door, so that she could see me face to face. Paul and Suresh were angry with me for trying to attract her with the guitar. They walked up to the bus stop and sat there and waited for her to come. Vijay was still in his lungi, scratching his armpits. He did not even take a bath. And that is when she walked in. She was wearing a green half saree. Our hearts started beating faster.

I tried to strum and sing the song "Pretty Woman"; but when I strummed the guitar, I realised that the guitar was out of tune. Paul and Suresh started laughing; they had done this to the guitar without my knowledge. Tears welled up in my eyes because she also started laughing with them. Paul walked up to her and introduced himself. She frowned at him and turned in the opposite direction only to end up looking at Suresh who tried to smile romantically. She gave him a dirty stare that made us all realize that she was hating the special attention that we gave her.

It has been 16 years since that incident took place. She is married for the last 8 years. None of us still have a clue why she fell in love with Vijay and married him.



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