Monday, September 04, 2017

905. Word

Do you want to look like a literary genius on social media platforms? It is simple. All you have to do is find some newspaper cutting. Once you find a news article, just underline some sentence. Take a picture of that news article and post it in social media. 

Make sure to include the caption "WORD" while posting the picture in your social media profile. Adding the caption" WORD" will add value to your post. People will think that you are a genius. Why don't you try this today? 

My friends have tried this on their FB walls and some of them have even gone on to publish books. Yes they are now called as authors. They might have paid some huge amount to publish their books because no traditional publisher came forward to release their book. So What? At least they have a book in their name. 

Remember! It all starts with "WORD".


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