Thursday, June 01, 2017

883. While my Peacock gently weeps

Warning: This post is not for children below 18 years of age as it contains explicit sexual acts caught on camera. Children are requested to watch the videos with parental guidance.

"Peacock, our National bird is a celibate. The  male peacock does not have sex with his wife. The female peacock collects the tears of the male bird and delivers a baby peacock." - This is the statement made by Justice MC Sharma of the Rajasthan high court.

If you think that I just made it all up, you got to watch the video below.

His statement makes me to believe that we have to reopen all the cases where he has given his landmark judgments. I have friends who believe the statement made by him. They even go on to the extent of saying that the baby peacock is formed inside the beak of the peacock and the lady peacock delivers the baby through her mouth. 

This is far more worse than my belief that Peacocks are born when we keep the feathers inside our class note books. My previous blog post explains how a girl cheated me in making me believe that peacocks deliver babies that way.[ Read Blog]  May be she must have been a distant relative of the judge. 

In the past one year, the peacock population has come down drastically. This might be because of the large scale production of peacock contraceptives in the Indian market. The picture of a peacock contraceptive is added below for the constipation of my readers.

This is why I strongly appeal that we should ban Johnson's baby shampoo, because their presence would bring down the quantum of tears of the male peacock. I want UNESCO to go through my appeal and certify my appeal and declare our National bird as the best National bird in the world.

- Chronicwriter


  1. Gosh!!! U rock,bro!!! U hav reduced me to tears now!!!! :-)

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