Monday, April 17, 2017

875. Do not say "Don't" for everything

 "Oh baby! Don't climb the stairs. You will fall down"
That was his mother when he was a 2 year old baby

" Ashwin! Don't run fast. You will fall down and bruise your knees"
This was his father when he was 3

" My dear grand son, Don't talk with Rahul. He is from THAT caste"
This was his grand father injecting caste feelings for his 5 year old grand son.

" Ashwin! Don't share your snacks with others. If you share your snacks; you won't become strong"
This was his grand mother teaching him to be selfish

"Don't take Maths Biology. Take Computer Science as specialization in your class 11"
This was his uncle advising him on what career he should choose in his life.

"Don't select that college. They are liberal. Study in this college because they are strict and you will get good marks"
His maternal uncle gives his expert advice on college selection.

"Don't marry her. Her family does not have enough money. Marry Reethu aunty's daughter"
His mom gives him relationship advice.

" Don't have a baby soon. At least postpone it for 3 years"
That was his married friend giving him a lecture on family planning on the day of his marriage.

" Midhun! Don't run fast. You will fall down and bruise your knees"
That is our Ashwin talking to his 3 year old son Midhun.

And history repeats. Most of us can relate with Ashwin.The life that we live is conditioned by people around us. If we have gone through such a conditioning, let us atleast try our level best not to pass this disease to Midhun. 

Allow Midhun to fall, get hurt, fail.
Allow Midhun to choose a path that he wants to trod on
Allow Midhun to be independent.
Allow Midhun to live his life.


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