Wednesday, April 12, 2017

873. My Hercules Rockshox cycle

When I was 11 years old, I asked my parents to buy me a bicycle. They told me that they would buy me a bicycle only if I get first rank in School for three consecutive months. That was their way of saying No to me. So I only had a chance to ride my sister's bicycle. It was a red color BSA SLR. 

What made it worse for me was that it was a ladies bicycle. My classmates would make fun of me when I took that cycle to school. So I decided to get first rank for three consecutive months and make my parents buy me a men's bicycle.

Eventually I succeeded only when I turned 14. My dad kept his word and bought me a double shock absorber cycle( Hercules Rockshox). Back then, owning such a cycle would me that you are cool. But there was a problem. As I was short, it was pretty difficult to ride that cycle. More often, I would sit on the bar and ride the cycle.

That's Pravin and I going to school
Every morning Pravin and I would go together to school in our bicycles. We would race with each other, try riding it without holding the handlebar and try various stunts. After school, we would paint the roads by exploring and navigating through all the streets en-route to our home. I had this cycle even in my college days.

Today, people buy bicycles to exercise. Back then it was our only mode of transport. May be I would buy a cycle someday and start riding it again.

Some of the memories with my cycle include

  • Locking the cycle with a chain lock
  • Skidding the cycle like a boss
  • Paying 50 paisa every week in the bicycle shop to fill air for the tyres
  • Tightening the cycle chain when it gets loose
  • Making noise with the bell
  • Using the right brake for the stopee effect.
  • Actress Devayani has sat on this bicycle once
Because of my short stature, I would literally sit on the bar and ride the cycle and most of the time, the bar played a big part in me lying down and writhing in pain. Even though it hurt the sensitive parts of my body, I would make it a point to ride this cycle, because I loved the cycleDo you have memories with your bicycle?



  1. Rockshox was a big thing then. I had a "Hero Ranger". Thanks for the memories.

  2. Yah only rich kids could afford this .

  3. My dad bought me this cycle in parrys, Chennai in 1997..i treasured it like a child.. i was tall so i can do a push up on the front suspension every now and then and it looked totally cool..i i even used it in my college first year and then i had an accident riding it.. My chin was broken due to front brake lock.. So i left it in my college for someone to use.. after a year i saw it was repaired and some labour guy was using it... Felt great for helping someone as well as seeing my rockshox alive again..

    1. Similar incident happened when I was in my 10th standard.. i still remember I flew few fts height before crash landing and broke my lower jaw and few bones .. man those days were awesome .. I was the only kid who used to own rockshox during that time.. 1996..

  4. Thanks for sharing image, I owned it in 1996.

  5. I bought this cycle too in 1996 and it was the first double-shockers cycle in the town-Bikaner.
    Everywhere I went, school, tuitions or the market I had the attention of people my age and it was quite something at that time - more like having a convertible car for today's Gen-X.
    Pretty cool cycle ...ahead of its time and stylish almost like the imported cycles we now see on India roads and with cycling enthusiasts (although it was much heavier) with front and rear suspension and a fancy matt finish in black.


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