Thursday, February 23, 2017

862. What are the various career openings after Engineering?

Are you studying Bachelors in Engineering? People around you might even discourage you saying that the job market is pretty bad for Engineers these days. Don't believe them. You have an amazing opportunity to get a job in many fields. Engineering degree gives you the perfect platform to get into multiple roles. You can get one of these jobs after completing your Engineering degree

1) Pani puri guy - I have seen a Bihari Pani puri guy in Chennai with an Engineering degree in EEE
2) Auto driver - There are many auto drivers with engineering degrees
3) Ola cab driver - We can also see many Uber and Ola drivers with ME degrees too
4) Hotel bearer - I don't understand the connection, but I guess they were unhappy with hostel food and became a hotel bearer
5) Call centre executive - When you don't get a job in the core subject, this is the immediate option that many resort too. 9 out of 10 people who join a BPO after engineering grow up in the BPO sector
6) Banker - In the last 5 years, the number of banking people with Engineering degrees have gone up.
7) Photographer - All photographers may not be engineers. But all engineers are photographers.
8) Software Engineer -Even if you had specialized in Civil/ Mechanical and Instrumentation Engineering, you end up writing codes and testing them
9) English teacher - Those guys who participate in literary competitions end up as english teachers.
10) Engineering college lecturer - This is one of the biggest punishment; getting ragged by your own juniors and some take this punishment on themselves.
11) Writer - He He. Oorukulla pala writers these days
12) Blogger - I am also an engineer only
13) Standup comedian - I qualify for this too
14) Terrorist- Laden kitta pesureeyaa? Bin Laden
15) President - APJ Abdul Kalaam is an example.

And the list goes on and on. If you are wondering why I used a model's picture for this blog post, it is just a gentle reminder that the jobs that a person gets after completing their engineering degree is similar to the connection between this post and the picture of the model.



  1. Good One!! We almost do every job which is no where related to the engineering subject :P

  2. You forgot to mention "Meme creators". I mean how could you miss that bro.


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