Monday, February 20, 2017

860. Mother's love is like...

In my locality, I saw a child (A one year old baby) sitting in a garbage pick up tri-cycle in the hot sun. As there were no one around the child and as the child was all alone, I parked my car nearby to see if the child is safe.

In a few minutes, a lady came with a water bottle. The child was giggling and said "Amma". She must have been the mother of the baby. That is when I noticed that she has placed a cardboard behind the baby to protect the baby from the hot sun. There was a small cradle made out of a blue cloth. She must be using that to put the baby to sleep.

The mother, then started her garbage collection journey. All this happened in a matter of few minutes and I realized that my eyes were already filled with tears.

Lot of things ran in my mind. The mother does not have provision to leave the baby in the house. There might be no one to take care of the baby at home. The mother has to earn to take care of the baby. She does not have support at home to take care of the baby. She must be under tremendous pressure to take care of the child in addition to her work.

I respect fathers too. Fathers also love their children and in many homes, the fathers don the role of a mother too, to take care of the child. So this post in no way demeans fathers. But this post is a tribute to all the mothers (be it stay at home mothers or mothers who work). 

I saw a smile in the mother's face and I saw that smile in the baby's face too. The baby would grow up knowing how much the mother struggled everyday. 

Mother's love is like... I really don't know how to express it in words. May be if you look at the above three pictures, you would feel it.



  1. Semma post PCR...i wonder how many passed by that garbage cycle and even noticed the kid!!!

    1. Thanks Gils for the comment. That child would grow strong

  2. Though they struggle and live in poverty, they seems to be not unhappy.


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