Friday, January 27, 2017

846. Anyone can commit suicide

Those who know the man in the picture would know him for the angelic voice he possessed.

His name is Anthony Riley. He was a participant at the Voice in 2015.

Voice is a singing competition where the singer has to audition in front of the four judges. The first round is the blind auditions round in which the singer will have to sing, while the judges will have their backs towards them. If the singer, impresses any of the judges, the judges will turn their chairs. If more than one judge turns their chair, the singer gets to choose the judge to mentor them in their singing journey.

Many music reality shows around the globe have tried to copy the Voice model. Anthony Riley created a magical impression when he auditioned at the voice. He made all the 4 judges to turn their chairs within seconds. Every judge wanted him to be in their team. Such was his voice. Check his audition here

He might have gone on to become the biggest ever musical sensation of our times. But he died half way through the competition. Apparently he committed suicide. He was addicted to drugs. He died of drug over dose. Why would a person do such a thing especially at a time when the whole world was magnetized to his music and moves? Suicide can happen to anyone even when they are in the pinnacle of their lives. 

We might think that the person is happy based on who he or she is externally. But they may be all alone inside. We might know some Anthony Rileys in our lives. Many are destined to become big. But they might be even contemplating to end their lives. If you ever come across someone who is dejected in life, don't ignore. Lend your shoulders to them and help them come out of the situation. Cheer them up. 

I am running this blog all these years for this one sole purpose - that is to put a smile on people's faces. It gives me a great sense of happiness to know that people smile even if the blog has poorest of poor jokes. Just go ahead and make someone smile today. I am gonna listen to some of Anthony's songs today. He might have gone; but that voice lives for ever.


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