Wednesday, January 25, 2017

844. Monkey see monkey do

Children copy their parents in their actions. When you see a child in a public place, one can easily identify what happens in their house. The first few years in a child's life is the formative stage in their life and it is the duty of the parents to foster and strengthen the character of a child.

Emotional responses like anger, happiness, love are aped by children from their parents. If a child is a happy child in all situation, most probably it is a reflection of a peaceful home. But if the child gets intimidated at the slightest of provocations and if the child behaves weirdly at normal situations, chances are the the parents are the culprits

Children learn ethical and moral values from their parents too. If the father is a compulsive liar, the child will start lying at an young age. When the mother hides simple stuffs from the father, the child will think it is natural to hide things from them.

Many a time, in a public setting when the children lie or behave badly, the parents would feel awkward and would try to control the child; but the problem may not be with the child. In many cases it lies with the parents. The parents have the utmost duty to impart the right attitude in their children.

I have that duty and you have it too; if we have to bring out the best in our next generation. Let us be responsible in imputing these characters in our children. As the saying goes" Let us be the change that we aspire to see in others".

Note: I know that this is a preachy post; but I felt it is needed for myself and others around me


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