Sunday, January 22, 2017

841. Lessons from Marina protest against Jallikattu ban

Watch this one minute video to know what exactly happens in Marina

I was a part of the historical protest too. What I learnt from this protest

  1.  Every one was a leader. People were delegating jobs and taking up work on their own.
  2. We witnessed great discipline even in that maddening crowd. The opening scene in the video is shot at Triplicane railway station towards Marina. We were chanting slogans from Velacherry train station itself. The moment we got down in Triplicane station, slogans like "Chinnamma chinnamma, OPS enga amma" were chanted by everyone in unison.
  3. OPS, Sasikala, Modi are hated by everyone around irrespective of caste, creed, religion and political background. There was one common voice form the people against all three. For every slogan against these three, slogans against PETA were also raised. The poster in the video says "Oora suthum Modi, Marina pakkam Vaadi" which in English translates "Tourist man Modi, make a trip to Marina too". TR would have been proud of many slogans.
  4. Vulgar slogans were also chanted about OPS and Sasikala. Big placards with the slogan " Goli ulla soda is goli soda; goli illaadha soda is panneer soda" was a direct dig at the Tamilnadu CM's lack of manliness. Vulgarity could be avoided, but many slogans were really nasty.
  5. Groping incidents and misbehaviour were dealt seriously.When I was there, yesterday three guys who were drunk were behaving unruly. In no time, a group of volunteers came there and pulled them out of the crowd and silently took them away. No arguments, no raising of voices and no unnecessary scenes. I am sure those three drunkards would have been thrashed.
  6. People started cleaning Marina too. All plastic bags and paper cups were removed from the place in no time
  7. Creative theater plays were enacted. High amount of knowledge imputation took place in all these places.
  8. Police were doing an amazing job; for the first time, I felt that Policemen are indeed common man's friend
  9. I witnessed the never say die spirit of Tamil Nadu.
  10. The protest taught us that we do not need a religious movement nor a political party to gather people. 
  11. This also taught us that one need not block roads, cause disruptions to normal life and             fight with cops to protest. 
  12. I also saw that that men can respect women ( I hope men continue to be like this even after the protest is over and stop becoming animals again) 
  13. It has set an example to the entire world on how a protest has to be conducted. Markandey Katju has come up with a wonderful suggestion because of this protest


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