Saturday, January 14, 2017

833. Kissing without permission

I was at this wedding of my friend when an old granny walks up to me,hugs me and kisses my cheeks and says "You look the same when I saw you as a child". As I did not who she was, I asked her if she could tell me how she knew me. 

She replied that she was my mother's English teacher in school in Trichy. I told that my mom did her schooling in Ooty and not in Trichy for which she responded with " Are not you Mohana's son? Are not you Sneha's fiance who just returned from UK?"

I told her that I was already married and that she has got the wrong guy. Immediately she frowned at me, gave a yew expression, wiped her lips and left without even asking a sorry for kissing the wrong guy.

There was this guy in Delhi who randomly started kissing girls and called it a prank. He was arrested yesterday. Should I also file a complaint against this old lady for kissing me? But I don't have a video proof. I infact felt like a Rakhi Sawant being kissed by Mika.

BTW, does anyone know who that Sneha is?


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