Tuesday, January 10, 2017

829. Why did Meryl Streep attack Donald Trump?

Meryl Streep made an emotional amazing speech at the Golden Globes that won laurels from all corners of the world. She took a dig at Donald Trump without even mentioning his name for once. As I hate Donald Trump right from my WWF days because he opposed Vince McMahon, I automatically loved her speech. I watched her acceptance speech again and again. When I listened to the speech more than once, I started having questions in my mind on why she attacked Trump. My research on that speech is presented here. Before we begin, let us listen to her speech.

When I analysed her speech, the first question that came to my mind was, "Why was she taking a dig at Trump on an occasion where she had to deliver an acceptance speech?". Even Leo spoke on Green world last year at the Oscars, but he was not taking a dig at anyone. So why was Meryl Streep attacking Donald Trump with such a dramatic tone? Here are my findings

1) Meryl Streep is a Hillary supporter and she campaigned against Trump.

As a democrat supporter of Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep had already spoken against Trump in the past while campaigning for Hillary. In the past, her dialogue delivery had an authoritative tone and she would put down Trump with disdain, contempt and sarcasm. But at the golden globes, she took a mellowed down approach because she knew that her friend Hillary ( who herself is a culprit) has already lost the battle to Trump. See this video to see her tone while she was campaigning for Hillary.

Meryl is still not yet out of the election campaign mood. The only difference is the change in voice modulation. She could support Hillary even after knowing Hillary had tampered with the Emails and National security; but had to take a dig at Trump with an emotional tone.

2) Was she really concerned for the disabled?

In her speech, she mentioned, that Trump was against  a disabled reporter. Meryl gave a standing ovation to child rapist Roman Polanski at the 2003 Oscars after he was announced as winner of Best Director for the Pianist. Polanski wasn't even there to receive the award as he would get arrested on American soil. Watch this video ( At 1:12 to see Meryl Streep standing up for Polanski). What happened to the same heart that cries for the disabled? Did it disappear at that time?

3) Her Anti-Israel stance

I don't know how many people noticed it. If one carefully analysed her speech, one would come across her using the term "Jerusalem" instead of "Israel" while talking about Natalie Portman. She quoted other actors who were born in different states in US, and in countries like Italy, Ethiopia, Ireland, Canada and Kenya. She was taking a stance for Obama by using the term Jerusalem instead of Israel, because of the tussle between Israel and Palestine for Jerusalem. She was being politically correct as a democrat. This is where I started having doubts that her speech was strongly political with vested interest.

4) Her ganging theory

She started her speech by taking the sides of " Hollywood, Foreigners and the Press" and started drafting her speech in such a way to showcase that Trump was against all three. The press and Hollywood are some of the most privileged segments of the American society.  She tried to win their attention and support; but the press exactly knew why she was trying to pull them in their team.

5) Her loose talk against MMA and Football

Even if you make the greatest emotional speech of all time, if you have a dirty scheme in your head, it eventually comes out in the form of a few words. Her statement against MMA and football just proved that. Members of the sporting fraternity took a dig at her for making statements against Mixed Martial Arts.

6) Her ending quote

She ended her speech with the quote " Take your broken heart; make it into art". She knew that the next day news about her speech would have this line as the headlines. Many people posted it as their status messages.

To respond to her political speech at the Golden Globes, the frog mouthed Trump tried to take a dig too on his twitter account. 

I was stunned to see his tweet. He called her over-rated. She is indeed one of the best actresses in Hollywood. Her performance while giving the speech at the award ceremony was one of the best performances. Modi and all the TamilNadu cabinet ministers should take lessons from her.

More over Trump did not know how to end his tweet in 140 characters. 

[ Opening was kandraaavi; Pinising was also sooora mokkai]

What ever be the case, when it comes to giving speeches after winning awards, one of the best speeches I have heard is from our very own A R Rahman. He started his speech by honoring his mother and ended his speech in Tamil (Goosebumps moment for me).

You guys can go gaga over your Streep and Trump. We have A R Rahman and he will put all of you to shame.



  1. Now that is a different perspective... Detective guy you are

  2. Enjoyed reading it :) Hope you and family are doing good.

    You should check out this video as well - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcjrDgIbdi8&t=4s


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