My friend Ravi called me up. He was a bit worried and I could sense it from his tone.

Me: Tell me da. What happened?

Ravi: I got an offer from Google da

Me: Wow. That is a great news. Why are you sounding sad then

Ravi: But my mother does not want me to take the offer

Me: Oh My God. Why?

Ravi: She says that Google is not a Government job

Me: Convince her and tell that the offer is huge.

Ravi: I have been trying to convince her for the past two days

Me: Should I talk to her?

Ravi: Please try. I don't want to miss this opportunity

Me: OK. Let me call her and talk to her.

I then decided on a strong script to convince her and rang her up

Aunty: Hello, Chriz! How are you?

Me: I am great aunty. How with you and uncle?

Aunty: We are fine. Uncle reads your blog; but I don't like it

(Why did she tell me that now?)

Me: Oh! Ok aunty. I heard that Ravi got an offer with Google

Aunty: Yes. He is happy about it. But just advice him not to take the offer as it is not a Government offer

Me: But aunty, Google is good and he has got a tech role too.

Aunty: What good job? Will he get a pension? Will he a get a bride with a private company job?

Me: But Aunty Google is one of the best places to work

Aunty: Have you worked there?

Me: No aunty. But my friends are working there

Aunty: But you don't work there right? 

Me: Yes, I don't work there

Aunty: Then don't say things that you don't know. Uncle has worked in a Government organisation for 30 years and we are having all the benefits because of that. My father agreed to give my hand to him only after knowing that he is a Government employee

Me: But Ravi would be happy aunty

Aunty: You youngsters look for short term benefits. What do you know about happiness. Learn to respect elders

Me: OK aunty sorry for trying to make a point

Aunty: Kids these days have to first learn manners

Me: But aunty, I am 34

Aunty: So what? I am 64. Your age is my experience. Don't try to teach me

(She hung up. I literally felt happy that I was not Ravi)

Latest news: Ravi has not taken up the offer. He is waiting for his Government job.

Additional information: I have changed the original name to Ravi to safeguard my friend's reputation.