Wednesday, January 04, 2017

822. Government job is the best job

My friend Ravi called me up. He was a bit worried and I could sense it from his tone.

Me: Tell me da. What happened?

Ravi: I got an offer from Google da

Me: Wow. That is a great news. Why are you sounding sad then

Ravi: But my mother does not want me to take the offer

Me: Oh My God. Why?

Ravi: She says that Google is not a Government job

Me: Convince her and tell that the offer is huge.

Ravi: I have been trying to convince her for the past two days

Me: Should I talk to her?

Ravi: Please try. I don't want to miss this opportunity

Me: OK. Let me call her and talk to her.

I then decided on a strong script to convince her and rang her up

Aunty: Hello, Chriz! How are you?

Me: I am great aunty. How with you and uncle?

Aunty: We are fine. Uncle reads your blog; but I don't like it

(Why did she tell me that now?)

Me: Oh! Ok aunty. I heard that Ravi got an offer with Google

Aunty: Yes. He is happy about it. But just advice him not to take the offer as it is not a Government offer

Me: But aunty, Google is good and he has got a tech role too.

Aunty: What good job? Will he get a pension? Will he a get a bride with a private company job?

Me: But Aunty Google is one of the best places to work

Aunty: Have you worked there?

Me: No aunty. But my friends are working there

Aunty: But you don't work there right? 

Me: Yes, I don't work there

Aunty: Then don't say things that you don't know. Uncle has worked in a Government organisation for 30 years and we are having all the benefits because of that. My father agreed to give my hand to him only after knowing that he is a Government employee

Me: But Ravi would be happy aunty

Aunty: You youngsters look for short term benefits. What do you know about happiness. Learn to respect elders

Me: OK aunty sorry for trying to make a point

Aunty: Kids these days have to first learn manners

Me: But aunty, I am 34

Aunty: So what? I am 64. Your age is my experience. Don't try to teach me

(She hung up. I literally felt happy that I was not Ravi)

Latest news: Ravi has not taken up the offer. He is waiting for his Government job.

Additional information: I have changed the original name to Ravi to safeguard my friend's reputation.



  1. Replies
    1. I don't know what to do. His mom will poke her nose for his bride hunting process too

  2. Hi chriz, poking nose is bride hunting process seems to be every parent's birth right and they shall have it !!! 😁

  3. Means alot----- Hope my "means alot" will mean mean alot!!!! purinjavan pistha..... :) :)

  4. I guess, Your friend should be of the same age as you...34 may be....if he can't take his own decisions even in this age, it is worthless, spending your time on him.

    1. He must be 23 I guess. He is young. I have 4 year old friends too


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