New year resolutions (or is it revolutions?) are like Prime Minister Modi's plans. They keep on changing every single day. If you are a Modi fan, you might be already frowning at this blog post. That is definitely not a great way to open a blog post :)

I have stopped making new year resolutions because I have realized that I end up breaking them within 24 hours; but this year I have decided to have some. If Modi can make plans, why can't I?

1) I will wash my underwear daily: This year I will wash my underwear daily. I request everyone to follow the same with your respective underwear too. I know my friend Srijith does not wash his underwear at all. But I want him to wash his underwear atleast once a week. This does not apply to Robert because he never wears them

2) I will start playing computer games: When it comes to computer games, I am outdated. The last set of computer games I played happened 15 years ago when I played Prince of Persia, Dave, Solitaire. Now a days when I see my niece and nephew playing computer games, I have no clue how to play. So I have decided to finally come back from retirement and start playing computer games

3) I will stop being diplomatic: For example, when Radhika lets out those silent farts in office, I will say it loud and clear to her to stop doing that. Her farts stinks a lot and they suffocate everyone of us at work. As she has a calm face, people even think that I am the culprit. I would like to tell everyone that I am not a fan of silent farts and even though I have mastered them; I always believe in letting them out with a bang

4) Have those six packs: This is a serious confession. I will hit the gym and I will pile up muscles and I will have that Greek Olympian body. Hope I get a good gym instructor; who will bear my loud farts

5) I will be a good person: Because I seriously can't believe that it has already been a year and I have not yet become one

6) Start posting humor blogs: As there is a constant complaint from my readers that my blog posts have become boring, I have decided to beg, borrow, steal from real humorists and spruce this blog with comedy articles.

Have a happy 2017