Friday, December 30, 2016

817. Chronicwriter's 2016

Blogging: Not a great blogging year for me. Wrote very few humor blogs. The numbers show it all. I have to improve on that
Stand up comedy: It was a great year. Did four acts this year; including one solo act. Given the fact that I do a niche form of stand up comedy (that includes impromptu singing with my guitar), I see that there is a huge potential for growth in this area
Song writing: Wrote 15 new songs this year. One of the best years in my song writing career
Corporate life: It was a balanced year; I would not say that I had growth this year, but definitely it helped me to re look at my growth trajectory
Family life: Had my ups and downs; but the two ladies in my life kept me going.

Spirituality: Have a long way to go. Did wonderful mission trips at the end of the year. This has to improve
Reading:Was the worst year in my life; I could only complete three books.
Memorable moments: Sister’s India visit, Mission trip to Chhattisgarh, the iPhone presented to me by my wife and the Aattukutty song that was composed and recorded in a single day.
Key takeaways: Gotta be disciplined, adhere to timelines and read more.
Wish for 2017: Release my music videos, publish my book

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