Thursday, December 29, 2016

816. The Plastic chair

What you are seeing in the above picture is not a designer sofa. It is just a plastic chair with some clothes on it. All of us have this plastic chair in our house; where we dump all our clothes.

I have a plastic chair at home too where I dump all my clothes. In fact the chair will have both clean clothes and clothes laden with dirt. I find it hard to differentiate between the clean ones and the dirty ones.

1.It acts as a quick fix to dump clothes, books and you can shove it inside a room when guests make a surprise visit

2. The chair can be easily carried around. You can show your strength to people around by carrying a plastic chair stack. I can carry a stack of three chairs when no one is noticing me and I can carry around ten chairs when girls notice me

3. The plastic chair can be used as a ready made stool to climb on to pull out things from the top draw of the cupboard

4.Plastic chairs avoid usage of wooden furniture. So it helps in our fight against deforestation

5. They are cheap compared to other forms of furniture.

6. They are waterproof too. 

But there is a danger of using plastic chairs. You can't fart silently in a plastic chair. It produces a whistling sound. You will be easily caught. So if you feel like farting, get out of your chair, walk around, let out a silent fart and then come back and sit.


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