Wednesday, December 07, 2016

815. I am Superman with a lightsaber

Eight years ago someone left their underwear in my blog. I even wrote a blog post to find the original owner of the underwear. No one replied to that blog. A screen shot of the blog post is attached here

After 4 years, I got a call from Superman himself. I first thought that it was some one playing a prank on me. So I hung up. But he kept on calling me and finally when I picked the call, our conversation went like this

Superman: His Chriz, It is me Superman

Me: How can I trust you that you are superman

Superman : In the year 2008, I lost my red underwear in your blog and you have it

Me: Why did it take you this long to call me back?

Superman: I searched for it every where. Later when I searched for my underwear in google search, I discovered that you have the underwear

Me: So what should I do now?

Superman: I am acting in a movie called "Man of Steel". So I need my underwear back

Me: No! I am not giving it back to you. Your grace period is over. Now the underwear is mine

Superman: Please give me my underwear.

Me: I can't because I have started wearing it. Now it has got some holes in it too

Superman: Oh No1 What should I do now?

Me: Just act without the underwear. Now please don't call me again and again like a friend-zoned guy

I kept the phone and I did not hear from him again. The next year, the movie "Man of steel" hit the theaters and I was surprised to see that he had acted in the movie without his underwear.

I immediately searched my wardrobe for the underwear. I could not find it. Later I discovered that my mom had started using it as a floor mob cloth. Without her knowledge, I detached the red underwear from the floor mop, washed it and wore it again and it fit me perfectly.

Then I wore it and went to a railway station and with the help of my brother Balaji, I clicked a few pictures. He added glamour effect to my underwear using Photoshop. He also fixed a light saber (star wars sword) in my hand  and gave me superpowers through Photoshop. My daughter saw the photo and asked me "Appa! Are you superman". I nodded my head in agreement and said Yes. Now she is going around and telling everyone that I am superman.

She also thinks that she is spidergirl.  Read this blog to know why my daughter thinks that she is spider girl. The other day, she came and asked me, "Appa, if you are super man, how did I become spider kid? I should have become super kid!".

I did not have any other option but to reveal the truth to her. I told " Appa is superman! But when Appa was in Bombay, he had another name and that is Spiderman". Read this line with Basha theme music in the background.

- Chronicwriter

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