Wednesday, November 02, 2016

808. The couch in my father's house

Thats the wooden sofa in my father's house that is as old as me. That's also the same sofa that made me a couch onion. Few points about the photo

1. Photo clicked during December 2010

2. I am strumming a freshly composed christmas song

3. The egg shaker is near the paper

4. The blue shawl around my neck was brought in Chandigarh after heavy bargaining with a road side seller; he told it was Rs250 and I bargained it and got for Rs 245

5. The guitar is my favorite Spanish guitar; I bought it in Guangzhou-China in 2007

6. The white short kurta I am wearing used to be my favorite kurta from Fab India; I used to wear it everywhere; My mom converted it into a Kitchen Kari thuni

7. That sofa is where I used to lie down and watch movies

8. I recorded the song and caught it on camera after the above picture was clicked; the song video is added below. Listen to the song please

9. I did not shoot the video with a potato; I have to say sorry for the poor quality

10. What brings me more joy is that this tamil folk format song is now sung around the globe in many churches during Christmas season. The below video is a four part version of the same song sung by our Choir. I am standing on the extreme right


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