Friday, October 21, 2016

807. Harris Jayaraj should be banned

I have read umpteen number of posts and proofs that explains how Harris Jayaraj copies song tracks from other albums and calls them his own composition.

So invariably when ever I see any movie with Harris Jayraj as its music director, I would assume that the songs are copied from some where else. I even went on to write a post on how he copied music pieces from Christian Keerthanai for one of his movies - Ennai Arindhaal.

Click [here] to read that post
A friend who read that post of mine called me up and blasted me on the phone and asked me not to call myself a music lover. She was a fan of Harris and she got hurt to read such a post from me. She went on to block me on Facebook because of that post.

One year year later, the movie Irumugan got released and she unblocked me on Facebook and sent a friend request again. When I accepted her request, she messaged me saying "Hey Chriz, Harris Jayaraj has composed music for Irumugan. Now don;t tell me that he copied here too".

I did not respond to that message because I was not interested in  listening to his songs. But this morning I decided to listen to a song from the movie and I opened youtube and listened to the song Halena from that movie. I should not have opened the link; because within 5 seconds into the song, I realized that the song was a copy.

Atleast in his previous copy cat works, Harris would copy the tune and use his own instruments to give a new effect. But in this song, he has used the exact effect and music instruments too that was used in the original song " Fetty Wap - Trap Queen". Check the video for yourself

Now, If my friend sees this post, she will block me again. What made me to write this post is to understand why the hell Harris Jayaraj calls himself a music director? He does not add any creative value to the song he copies from. There are words like "Inspiration / Adaptation" that masquerades and gives a soft effect to the word copy. But even those words will hang in shame if they know what Harris Jayaraj has done to music.  I checked the other songs in that movie and realized that none of the songs in that movie were directed by him.

I would like to close this post with the following two questions
  1. Why do film makers pay such a lazy fellow?
  2. Why are people not filing a copyright infringement case against him?
There are brilliant music directors who compose wonderful arrangements. I have seen many of their works lying in shelves in music studios and in mobile phones. Many such works don't see the light, because nobody produces them and because there are copy cats like Harris Jayaraj who steals such works and calls them his own.

Note to my friend: Please block me and go away. Neeyum unnoda Harris Jayarajum

- Chronicwriter