Thursday, August 18, 2016

803. Respect a NO

So we were at this supermarket. My daughter was sitting in the trolley. This middle aged man in his early forties was making funny faces at my daughter. I was watching this from a distance. As my daughter did not find his facial expressions amusing she simply ignored him. 

This 40 year old man thought that it was a grave insult by a 4 year old. So he made the next move and came near her and pinched her cheeks. I do not like anyone pinching my daughter's cheeks. That man's wife gave him a sign of approval. I did not understand how she could think that her husband's act was cute. 

My daughter was taken aback and she gave a bad stare at the man and said " Stop touching me". He did not seem to get it. He and his wife started laughing and that infuriated me. So I decided to intervene. But before I could move, this guy leaned forward and pinched her cheeks again. My daughter decided to take matters in her own hands. She spat on his face and swung her right hand wildly and ended up slapping him. 

The people in the supermarket were stunned to see a kid slapping an adult man. But I was elated. I rushed to my daughter and gave her a hi5 and told him "The next time someone says No, learn to respect that". His wife started giving bad stares at me. She might have thought that I was not bringing up my daughter by teaching her good manners. But I am glad that my daughter did that or else I might have done that and it would have ended up as an ego clash between two adults.

When some one says NO; respect that

- Chronicwriter


  1. for a mo' i thought not nice thala, but right, whomosover it is, they shud respect a NO

  2. Actually, what you have done there is good parenting :)


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