Monday, June 13, 2016

794. The one night stand with another girl

I have to confess that this is a true story. 

You might be angry to know that I have feelings for another woman.

Is this normal for a married man? 

Well! I don't know whether I can justify what I did that night. 

But I guess, It would not be right If I do not confess. 

After a long time, I decide to confess it out loud to the entire world in the form of poetry.

I decided to express this through poetry because I started my blog journey with blogs on poetry before moving on to humor.

If you want to know what happened between me and her that night, just read this.

The one night stand with another girl


She has those beautiful curves
That plays magic with my reserves
As she looks at me with her pout lips
I pick her up and my sweat just drips

As I touch her back and caress her neck,
She keeps her calm as I am about to peck
I become a little bold and undress her tonight
And her body shines so bright in that dim light

[Tense change]

The tension builds up as I move closer
My smile and my gaze froze her
On her neck is my left hand
And on her hip slides my right hand

My cologne was strong and it did linger
And she just simmers as I begin to finger
I was slow to start but soon built my speed
She did not know whether to cry or plead

Grooving and grinding I began to groan
She knew my rhythm and started to moan
My next move was always a suspense
But the action just got more intense

I look down and pull her G string
The door opens and with a shock I spring
My wife walks in and gives me a stare
And Says, The guitar is too loud, please be fair

- Chronicwriter

For the uninitiated, the guitar has a neck, has got curves and has a string called the "G-string"


  1. I was shocked to read this and when I came to the end I understood what an amazing thinker you are. You just made me visualize all wrong stuff :(

  2. My colleague asked me to read this. I do not know how I should react now. The transition is something that makes you who you are and no clues for guessing why you are one of the best funny bloggers in the world

  3. Omg!!! r u crazy or r u crazy?! Cwaaaayzee.... a very thought proving read indeed. Lol


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