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791. We are Engineers Da! We can solve anything - Climax

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I still have no clue on what made us think that we were computer experts. But just 5 minutes after Edwin had uttered those golden words " Machi, we are Engineers da. We can solve anything", we had actually opened the CPU tower. We thought that by opening the tower we would have us access to the CD. But only when we opened it , did we realize that the CD was still inside the CD player. 

Andrew: Machi! I guess if we unscrew the CD player from the slot, we could open the CD player
Edwin: Yes that's what we should do. Use this star screw driver

Even after the CD player was removed from the slot, the CD was still intact inside the player. In our enthusiasm, we failed to realize that we had also unplugged certain cards, chords and wires from the PC board. 

Edwin used the screw driver in the CD slot and to make matters worse the slot gave up and finally broke. We looked at each other with pain-stricken faces. I was almost in tears. I suggested that we leave that place and head back to hostel. But Edwin was adamant on not leaving without the CD. At this juncture power was restored. If only we had waited for the power to come back, all this would not have happened. We connected the wires and switched on the CPU and to our dismay the computer would not boot. 

In a fit of rage, Edwin broke open the CD player and took his CD. We left the place and went back to our hostel. The next morning when we went to college, the computer lab was crowded with people. The college director, all the professors and even the local MLA and police was there in the computer lab.

Edwin started to to talk Gibberish
Andrew was frozen but did not show it outside
I peed in my pants. 

The Director called all the students to assemble in front of the computer lab in the big cricket ground. He came to the parapet wall near the computer lab door and looked at us. It resembled a scene from the movie Gladiator where all the Gladiators were in the Colosseum trying to save their lives with Caesar watching them from the stands.

He asked all the day scholars and the girls to go to their respective classes. So out of 160 students in our batch, almost 120 of them went to the classes. The 40 hostelers from the boys hostel were now standing in front of him. He then called 10 of those guys to come forward and he gave that "Neenga ellam adhukku sari pattu varamaateenga expression" and asked them to go to their respective classes too.

So 30 of us were now left in the ground and all 3 of us who were involved in the breaking act were also there. We were shocked by his filtering skills. He then asked all the students from AP to go back to the classes. Only 12 of us remained in the ground. 

Then he asked 6 students to come forward. Edwin was among the 6. Andrew and I were not there in the list. He asked them to come up to the first floor. The police official was standing next to him. They spoke to the six students for some 5 minutes and let them go back to their classrooms. 

Andrew and I looked at each other with shock and disbelief thinking how Edwin could go back to the class room without getting caught. We started talking to each other and the Police official saw us discussing. Immediately we were summoned up to the class room. We knew it was over. So Andrew and I decided to surrender. At the same time we decided to surrender along with Edwin. We fell flat on the floor and started pleading to forgive us. We also told Edwin was also involved in the act. Edwin was immediately asked to bring that CD.

When he brought the CD back, the director checked the CD in the big VCD player in his room. It could not get any worse for us because the first image that appeared on the screen was this visual and to make matters worse, the movie stopped playing.

Director : Are you guys watching porn in college?
We: No sir, that's Hey Ram movie. Kamal and Rani Mukherjee 
Director: Don't play the fool here.

We received some solid advice on life and a long lecture on philosophy and how to control sexual desires. We also went through a counselling session from one of our college counselors. We were also suspended from college for ten days, in addition to paying a huge fine. 

When we came back to our college, we had a new nick name. Our batch mates started calling us the porn stars. The lady professors stopped looking at us face to face and our college girls kept a safe distance from us. But things became normal as days went by.

16 years have gone after this incident and recently when I went to a college to give an inspirational talk  ( which I do from time to time), my laptop stopped working. A student came to me and told that he can help me repair the laptop. He spent some time with the laptop and in ten minutes time the laptop started working fine. 

Me: What stream are you studying here?
He: Mechanical sir
Me: Then how did you manage to repair a very complicated problem in my lap top?
He: Sir! We are Engineers and we can do anything.

Avanoda confidence enakku romba pudichurundhuchu

- Chronicwriter


  1. This is why you should write more from your school and college life. A new fan for you Chriz


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