Thursday, May 12, 2016

789. Captain Vijaykanth will win the elections

People make fun of Captain and create memes stating that he is a drunkard and a comedian. But I believe that he is not. Some say that his behavior resembles withdrawal symptoms. I don't believe that too. He is in a league of his own. He has joined hands with Vaiko who has finally found out that he is a farmer (Vaiko has started wearing a green turban to stamp his identity).

Captain Vijaykanth was interviewed by Prannoy Roy of NDTV. Neither Prannoy nor Captain understood each other in that interview. But that interview stands a testimony for captain's analysing skills.

Captain calls Jayalalitha as his villi. The spirit of Padayappa and Neelambari has entered Captain and Jaya according to our Captain. The following image is screen clipped from the interview.

A few observations from the interview revealed that Captain is angry that Amma is not looking at him. It seems that she does not look at him eye to eye. This reminds me of a girl in my school. I forgot her name. But she never looked at me in the eye. She is married now and has named her son as Chriz. 

One thing that stunned me was Captain's usage of the word "Humbug". This is a man who struggles to even say the words "Young" and " Heart" in english. At first I thought he did not know the meaning of the word Humbug. 

But when I saw the interview carefully, I understood that he exactly knew the right meaning for that word. It also made me think of that famous Hamburger scene from the movie Pink Panther.

With many political parties in the fray with many not even having a clear idea or a mandate, many memes creators are having a ball. Gone were the days when people used to get angry talking about politics. These days a majority of the social media driven crowd have learnt to take all these memes in a funny manner. But still there are caste, language, creed freaks who still play dirty politics.

So will Captain become the CM of Tamilnadu? You and I know that this is a page which has satire as the main building block. 

Who am I gonna vote? I definitely support a Dravidian party in this elections. I did not vote for them in the previous elections. I am voting for that party not because I want to see a change in the state through them. I would rather bring a change in my locality by planting trees around my house. If you have read till the end, I would ask you to plant a tree in your compound and outside the compound this weekend.



  1. Hi, am a very late entrant in your fan base. When u write gabtauns bhasha...takes some time to mentally replace the "g's"with the appropriate letters to understand. Is good fun though 😁. Where is renu now by the way ?

    1. Thank you for reading and enjoying... Renu! is a book that I will be publishing. details about her whereabouts in the book

  2. .....and yes ammaa us 'villi'...the oxford dictionary should seriously give a thought to inclusion of this word in its hallowed pages. Meaning to be displayed as 'ammaaa'


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