Friday, February 26, 2016

780. The secret behind the Facebook like buttons

Today Facebook launched the Facebook like button variations with different emoticons. This marks the beginning of an era where Facebook users will get an analytical answer for the emotions they pull out from their readers. Though there is not an explicit dislike button added by Mark in this new feature pack, one emoticon "Angry" can indirectly be used to show dissent.

Lets analyse the various Facebook emoticon buttons in this post

1) The Like button

This is the same Like button that we are all used to. There is no change in the button. Users can click this button just to assure that they have seen the post. Almost all Facebook users post articles for this button

2) The Love button

Mark is a lover boy. This is the closest that FB comes to Tinder. Constantly pressing the love button for all the status messages of your love interest will convey that you are jollu vittufying them. This is one step intimate than the like button. All those who yearn for fraansheep can use this button to reap maximum returns

3) The Haha button


The haha button can be used to encourage the funny bones. This can also be used to make people believe that they are funny. This button will be one of the most widely used buttons on FB after the LOVE button. 

4) The Wow button

Apparently this button has found its way to Facebook to honor an achievement. But it can also used to usupethufy someone and ranagalapaduthufy them. This may be one of the least used buttons on FB

5) The Sad button

Touchwood! This is there only for sad reasons. When users used to post a sad news, all this while we had no other option but to click the like button t denote that we have seen their message. But with this addition, it will help users to empathize with those who go through tough times.

6) The Angry button

Though Facebook has not released a dislike button, the Angry button becomes the closest variant for a dislike button. If you do not like some one, you can keep on clicking this button only to be eventually kicked out of their friends list. I can now use this button to use for all TOI news on FB.

To read the history behind the evolution of the dislike button, click this post [ link ] where I have written about the strategy behind this.

- Chronicwriter


  1. Bass why this theme template - blackboard and chalk - very sombre and serious - oru galagalappa iruka vaendama theme?

    1. went back to a default template bro. Experimenting with a few templates

  2. I agree with mahesh about the theme being boring..
    Also using angry button for TOI status.. nice move.. :D

    1. Mahesh was talking about an earlier theme.I got back to this one for SEO purposes. This is a defualt Blogger template. I will experiment and find a suitable one soon. Thanks Raji for the comment


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