Friday, February 19, 2016

779. Decoding the Facebook log out image

This image always appears on my screen when I log out of FaceBook. I hope it appears for everyone reading this blog. I looked at the image and it gave me many different meanings. I did not know what the intended message behind the image. But I knew there would a story behind this. So in my quest to decode the hidden message, I wore my Sherlock hat and detective camelcoat ( My granny's torn housecoat) and gave some homework to my brain.

My brain asked me to interview some popular bloggers in Chennai to decode this script. I always obey my brain like Simbhu obeying Reema Sen in the movie Vallavan. I went to the loo, sat on the commode and handpicked some bloggers (from memory) and made a list of the top decoders in the country.

At first I approached Mahesh Lakshmanan. He is a retired boxer who is waiting to don his gloves again to punch me if I write nonsense about him in this blog. He looked at the image and sang a song in D major scale. The lyrics of the song is added here. It was a song in Tamil

Aavadhum paennalae, vaazhkaiyil sadhikaradhum paennalae, 
Pala naerangalil aangal Veena povadhum paennalae

which in english translates too " Women are the reason behind the success and failure of men". To his bad time, Uma Muruganantham overheard this line. She immediately punched our ex-boxer hard with the lines "Yellaam un sondha budhiyaalae" which means " It's all your fault. Don't blame the girls". Mahesh was now cornered. He felt like Vadivelu in "Vakkeel Vandumurugan case". He knew that anything said after that would land him behind bars. So he kept quiet and had an out of court settlement with Uma and they took selfies to sweep the disagreements under the carpet. 

I lifted that carpet and took some points from that and proceeded to meet the next person, Satheesh K Chinnappan who can take an Autograph movie with 10 heroines because of his exploits. Satheesh saw the image and told in a single line " Don't go behind the fake IDs in FB". He spoke those words with a clarity and tone that reminded me of Ravi Shastri's commentary in the 2007 T20 world cup when Yuvraj hit those 6 sixes in an over off Stuart Broad. After saying those lines, he started to cry. I did not want to disturb him any more. So before he could say another line I ran off from the scene.

On my way, I saw Gayu Venkat who was running to catch a bus. I showed her the image and immediately she said " That is kalla kaadhal" meaning " That is an extra marital affair". I don't know what made her say that. But those words gave a whole new dimension in the decoding project.

Katie Nathan,Bhushavali Natarajan, Kavipriya and Jenny Sarto were the next four people I met. They asked me to wait and started playing "Ringa Ringa Roses". When Katie, Bhusha and Jenny actually fell down when they recited the last line, Kavipriya played bongatttam by not falling down. After they played this game for 10 minutes, they called me. I showed the same picture to them and asked for their answer

Katie: We understand that you have signed out because your girl has logged out of FB 

Bhusha: Go and help your wife. Or else, she will will come and drag you

Kavipriya: Thallli pogadheeeee

Jenny Sarto: I see that you're headed out into the real world to have actual human contact?

Katie had a point. I remember the days when I used to log out when my girlfriend logged out of FB, only to log in when the second girlfriend logged in. 

Bhusha's comment also was logical because as a married man, I understood what she was saying

Kavipriya's comment made me realize that she was in the love mood. 

Jenny Sarto's comment was made in Mel-B's tone. Her Spice girly move made me realize that she meant business.

I left the playground only to meet Nandhini Chandrasekaran. She saw the image and said "Singlela ule vandheenga, jodia vellila poreenga. Santhosham. Aana seekirama kazhativitutu thirumbhi singlela varuveenganu numburom." which means "Even though you have found your pair on FB, you will have a break up like Virat Kohli and Anushka and come back to Facebook for yet another search.

I thought I had gathered enough information to decode the message in the image. So I went back home. When I was nearing my home, I saw a friend Ravi Shankar being chased by a street dog. I chased away the dog and saved Ravi from the dog bite. Ravi saw the image and told that it reminded him of the Vadivelu comedy " Kaiya pudichu illutheeya" ( Did you pull the hand). We had a hearty laugh. Suddenly we heard a girl crying out loud. We realized that the dog had gone and attacked someone. As we went to save the girl, we found that the dog was actually bitten by the girl. It was Anu Mohan. She was still having dog meat in her mouth when we asked her to decode the image. She said " Vaa Suruthi polaam" and continued hogging her hot dog.

With all these information, i returned home. When I entered the rest room, I met Nandhitha Hariharan staring at the mirror in the rest room and challenging someone in the mirror. As it became a habit for me, I pulled out that image; she saw the image and said " Thallittu pogadhey" and continued challenging someone in the mirror.

I closed the rest room and came back to the drawing room and plotted all the answers on a sheet of paper and almost decoded the message in the image. That's when it suddenly hit me " What was she doing in my rest room?"

- Chronicwriter


  1. Nanga Selfie Yeduthom? Adha, Nee paartha?

  2. If I had listened to my heart instead of my buddhi, I would have been a father of two school-going kids by now; had an award-winning novel to my name and running a book-shop cum restaurant.

    Kismet aisi hai annaiki "Friend nalla irukkanam - heartbreak avan thaanga maatan nu" just wished them good luck and kalayanatha nadaithi vechhaen. Annai laendhu indraya veraikum anna character dhan...

    That's the irony of life - I have different prizes in hand for V-Day contest now - yaara yaennanu solli kaekka onnum puriyalai!!

    Life goes on.... great post as always Prason - Still have no rememberance of taking that selfie :)


    1. That was deep Mahesh. The second paragraph made me stall and think..

  3. Rolling on the floir with tears. Brilliant offtake from a simple image and inspiration that followed it. Chronic humour.


  4. Why two sudden changes in template ?
    Best Part is "Vaa Shruthi Polam",

    1. experimenting with templates. will change this too. thanks

  5. last line.. "what was she doing in my rest room?" ultimate punch pa!!!


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