Ten things that happen in every exam halls

1) Exams make people get closer to God. The five minutes before receiving the question paper and the one minute after receiving the question paper in hand, is the period during which fervent prayers are offered to God. People who have not touched the book also become spiritual hoping God to do a miracle

2) If you write a lot of gas for Instrumentation papers (BE) you will get good marks. I am an Instrumentation engineer from Madras University (1999 batch)

3) If you happen to sit behind a studious student, you automatically get an inspiration.

4) The hand writing in the first two pages resembles a neatly written record book. I the last 30 minutes of the exam, everyone becomes a doctor. (My doctor friends all have bad hand writings. So I take the liberty to make this statement. Doctors, who have good handwriting, please excuse me. Don't file a defamation case against me. I have a weak body. Adi thaanga maatein)

5) A student who helps you during exam time by passing chits, showing you the right answer is a FRIEND

6) A student who does not help you during exam time is a terrorist and such a person should be immediately sent to Pakistan.

7) The first person to leave the hall after finishing the exam is seen as the hero of the class. When he goes out, he waits at the entrance and makes sure some body else joins him. So he encourages the others from outside showing hand gestures to come out soon.

8) People who teach us sure-shot questions right before we enter the exam hall are the spiritual gurujis of the class.

9) People who use scientific calculators in the exam are scientists. Most of the time, I just press random buttons on the scientific calculator (especially when the invigilator is in close proximity)

10) I forgot the 10th point. This always happens with me. For a ten point answer, I would always forget one point. But I would not just leave it blank. I would fill that point with some answer as I have done here.

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