The social media and anti Puratchi thalaivi gang is spreading false propoganda against our Puratchi Thalaivi Dr. Maanbumigu Amma J. Jayalalitha. It pains my heart to see people trying to defame our Amma. The opposition parties are in full swing trying to add a blackmark in the pure dove heart of our Chief minister.

I could not keep quiet any longer. This post is my defense with solid proofs on how Amma has single handedly saved TamilNadu from floods. Here are six reasons why Amma and no one else is responsible for rescuing, rehabilitating and providing safe environment for people who were affected by the flood.

Reason 1 : Amma brought unity in diversity by ordering rains to hit Tamil Nadu.

Salem Collector made an announcement that the rains hit Tamil Nadu because of Amma's orders. Going by his verified statement, it is very clear that because of the rains, the whole world turned its eyes towards TamilNadu. If Amma had not done this, lot of people would not have joined hands for the rescue effort. An RJ Balaji, actor Siddharth, TamilNadu weather man, Shailender Babu would have been just ordinary entertainers and civil servants if not for Amma's order.

Reason 2: Amma sticker fiasco

There were rumors that AIADMK party workers forced relief workers to affix Amma stickers on relief materials. These rumors were spread by opposition party members and their TV channels. The opposition party evil forces wore AIADMK party worker masks and tried to tarnish Amma's image. But truth cannot be hidden. Their evil deeds did not stand a chance against the true heart of Puratchi Thalaivi. Social media jokers even made fun of ADMK party workers by creating memes like the one below

Even if the AIADMK workers had behaved like that, what is wrong in that? Why should not Amma get the credit? If Amma gets the credit, why are social media hate groups not liking that? Isn't she our honorable CM?

Reason 3: Amma not utilizing the disaster relief money immediately

There were complaints in Amma not releasing the disaster relief money immediately. If Amma had released that money immediately, the whole of TamilNadu would not have come together to help the victims. Once people started helping the victims, Amma made the announcement of how she will use the money to help the people. This was in fact a strategic move by Amma in helping the people of the state. Party workers paid their respect by pouring milk on Amma's posters. Now critics will say that milk was wasted for this act. Such critics will keep on barking like that. I don't give a damn for them

She bore all the insults and still she came forward to help the people in distress. If she does not get Nobel Prize for this selfless deed, Mother Teresa's Nobel Prize should be revoked. 

Reason 4 : Amma brought Modi to TamilNadu

The Prime Minister of India who is made fun of as the NRI PM of India was brought to Chennai by Amma. He brought the centre's attention towards Tamil Nadu. On seeing Amma, Modi immediately allocated flood relief funds to Tamil Nadu.

Reason 5: Amma being the CM

If Amma had been in jail, she could not have done this amazing act of saving TamilNadu from the floods. She had to come out at the right time. Judge Kumarasamy's calculator did the trick at the right time. Kalaignar TV is using some broken violin to add BGM to their Anti-Amma campaign in their channels. Still nothing can deter our love and affection for our AMMA, because we know that she was the reason behind this unity in diversity.

Note : This is not a satire post. This is written with utmost respect for our PuratchiThalaivi Amma. 

Additional Note : If you are searching for the 6th reason, please remember that I used the same calculator used by Judge Kumarasamy.

- Chronicwriter