Tuesday, October 13, 2015

762. Tamilnadu Government buses

A month ago, a Tamilnadu state Government bus made it to the headlines in Kerala, when a woman who was sitting inside the bus fell on the road through the bottom of the bus. Luckily she escaped from being run over by the bus. 

Critics claim that the condition of the Tamilnadu government buses are pathetic. But Chronicwriter and his team did a top secret survey on the buses and came up with an amazing discovery. The buses are in good condition. 

All these buses have a reason for being pathetic. They are made to look pathetic; but all these buses are in a disguise and they serve a purpose. Look at the following six buses

1) Drunk bus: If you travel in this bus, it will give you the same feeling that only a drunkard experiences. If you do not have enough money to buy alcohol and drink, all you have to do is travel in this bus. You will have feel giddy.

2) The side stand: Why should only bicycles,scooters and motor bikes have side stands? Why should the two wheelers have all the fun? The buses should also have a whale of a time

3) The Piles seat: This is a CSR activity by the government. It is specially designed for those who have piles. If you don't have piles, if you sit on it, you will get piles. If you already have piles, eat pilex. That is what my friend Robert eats.

4) The ladies gym: This special ladies bus is designed in such a way that it starts only when the ladies give it a push. It strengthens the arms of the girls which in turn helps them to protect themselves from rapists

5) The submarine: We won't tell you the technology used by our buses. All our buses are submarines

6) Mountaineer: You want to become a mountaineer? Just travel in our buses. You can even conquer the everest easily.

If you think that the Government has only the above 6 varieties of buses, you are in for a big surprise because there are many more types of theme buses that the Government has released. 9 of them are displayed in the below picture.

1) Rain theme bus : If we rain theme hotels and discothes, why not a rain theme bus?
2) The burning bus : If the people of my state get angry, they burn buses and our buses serve that purpose too
3) No footboard travel : To avoid people from travelling by footboard, we have introduced the bus without footboard
4) Emergency exit : In case of emergency, just jump out. This is for extra safety
5) Easy chair: This is different from the push back seats. The easy chair seats automatically dislocates your spine and enables you to utilize your medical insurance for some ortho surgery
6) Fresh air for legs : Why should your face alone get fresh air? Your legs are also a part of the body and they need fresh air too.
7) The rain theme bus DJ : This is the guy who makes all the music
8) Sunny Leone bus : This is a glamour bus. It has a covering that does not cover anything
9) Hitting the sack : The sack seat helps you to understand the poverty in our Nation.

- Chronicwriter


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