Tuesday, October 13, 2015

761. Narendra Modi and his Nelson Mandela Joke

Tamil film audiences would be familiar with the joke associated withe picture displayed here. It is a scene from the Tamil movie thottaal poo malarum. A blind car driver says to Vadivel that he looks like MGR. This comedy scene became a cult sensation. Dialogues from this movie are still being used to tease and make fun of people. "Thambi, You look like MGR" is a popular meme in social media.

A few months ago, Kalyan jewelers expanded their operations in Chennai. The Sivaji Ganesan family and Big B were roped in to act in their promotional ads. In one of the advertisements, actor Vikram Prabhu says to big B that he looks like his grand dad "Sivaji thaathaa". This again became fodder for social media enthusiasts as they linked this with the Vadivel comedy.

Recently Prime Minister Modiji referred to Parkash Singh Badal as the Nelson Mandela of India. When I first saw that tweet from the PMO twitter handle, I thought it was a joke. But later I realized that Prime Minister Modi was indeed being serious in his claims. Social media satire artists got busy and started making memes out of the statement. Susuji used this to roast our dear Prime minister. I got reminded of the Vadivel joke and the Vikram Prabhu joke.

I tried to under stand if there is any similarity between Badal and Nelson Mandela. So I looked up his name and started reading about Mr. Badal. Just like Nelson Mandela, Mr Badal has also been in jail; but unlike Nelson Mandela, Mr Badal spent his time in prison for some other reason ;)

What ever be the reason, our prime minister is the best prime minister in the world and he knows what is best. If he says that Rakhi Sawant is mother Teresa, I would still believe it. Morgan Freedman is happy in some part of the globe


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